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Don’t Spot Train

January 14, 2011

Have you ever worked out on the treadmill or elliptical for months, then tried to play basketball, or tried to bike or dance and you are out of breath? That’s because your body is used to doing one thing. Make sure you change your workout every 4 weeks.  And don’t spot train. In other words, if you wanna tighten those abs you still need to do an all body workout, don’t just do abs everyday.

Remember D'Angelo? Look at him now.

That to your left is D’Angelo. He probably stopped doing his workouts properly then just let go. Don’t let it happen to you! Keep up the good work!!!



The workout I did today was 20 15 10. 20 pushups, jump squats(squat down then jump up) then leg raises(lie on ground and raise both legs then lower them). Do 20 reps of each, then 15, then 10. Repeat 3X.

I also did this work out here:

This is a great way to learn how you need to work ALL section of those abs to make them fit. Dont just do crunches.




What should I be Drankin’?

January 13, 2011

Me Holding Peace sign up with cocktailsI will have the Asian Salad with a glass of wine please?  Asian Salad = 300 cals Wine= 116

How many calories does that throw you over? Today I decided to do a little research on which alcoholic drinks are really helping us keep on the pounds because seriously, if you drink, you drink, and there is nothing I can do to stop you except to say cut back a bit, or always go with the healthier option.

What you can do to cut your weekly calories right away is DON’T drink ciders and DON’T drink Cream Liqueurs, and be EASY on the beers.

A pint of Cider can have up to 200 calories! WOW. i.e. Hard Core Cider is 180. And imagine having 5 of those!, That’s almost HALF the calories you need in a whole day.  Any cream liqueur can have as much as 160 calories in it.  And BEER! Well, we have all seen beer bellies. Lay off the beer! Or rather I will give you some better options

SO, what should you drink?

A straight shot of  Vodka Rum or Whisky will be about 50 calories. If you add soda or juice that’s 50 more calories. Try adding soda water,  tonic water, or diet coke.   Or try sipping your beverage “neat” or straight up slowly throughout the night with a glass of water between each drink. This will keep you hydrated and make you drink much less and seriously save on calories and hang overs.

For Beer Drinkers, 4 Beers will put you at 720 calories. That’s CRAZY! I know they suck, but light beers are only about 95 calories, and aren’t as Carby which means less beer belly syndrome!

Here is a list of non light beers that are much under 180:

Becks 143 cals

Beamish Stout 131 cals

Budweiser 143 calories

Coors 148

Corona 148

Dos Equis 145

Icehouse 5.0 132 cals

Weinheards Hefeweizen 128 cals

MGD 143

Complete list can be found here:

Here is calorie intake for some popular cocktails:

Margarita 188 cals

Long Island 233 cals

White Russian 288 cals (DANG!)

Cosmopolitan 213 cals

White wine 97

Jack and Ginger ale 80 cals

Complete list found here:

 My tip for the day: If you are going to drink, make sure you spend the whole day eating healthy foods that will do your body well (i.e. rich in anti oxidants, and that hydrate you) so no salty foods, no deep fried foods, carbs are ok but stock up on the fruits and veggies and drink PLENTY OF WATER!

10 Minute Core and Abs / Health Tips

January 11, 2011
Hey Guys,
This year I have decided to make it a mission to get my body fat down to regular instead of “Very High” . I have been working out seriously for a little over a year now. I decided to take this year to share with my friends some tips and easy work outs I’ve learned that you guys can do. I think everybody should do something at least 5 times a week even if its a 5 min workout.
Today I did this amazing core 10 min workout with Marco Reed  who is one of my Fav. trainers next to Jillian Michaels:

then did cardio for 30 minutes (i ran outside). I suggest at least doing the above workout.
The biggest tip I can leave for today is to make sure you drink a glass of water when you wake up and put something in your body (protein shake, oatmeal, or piece of fruit) do this BEFORE working out and within 30 mins of waking up. This not only jumps starts your metabolism but gives your body the energy it needs to have a GREAT workout!
❤ Naliaka